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    與Hongkong Jiexin Plastic Co., Ltd簽訂建網站合同


    項目名稱:HongkongJiexinPlasticCo.,Ltd建網站 項目網址:www.jiexinplastic.com 公司簡介: Jiexinplasticco.,Ltd.isaprofessionalplastictub

    項目名稱:Hongkong Jiexin Plastic Co., Ltd建網站



    Jiexin plastic co., Ltd. is a professional plastic tube and bottle manufacturer, our factory own advanced dust-free workshops, with multiple advanced production equipments.  We can package different kinds of products from the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical as well as Health & Beauty industries.
    We provide excellent quality tubes ranging from∮13mm-∮60mm in diameter, different length of plastic tubes with offset printing, silk screen, frosted, hot stamping, labeling and other surface treatments, and also offer diverse bottle sizes with different head styles and dispensing options from flip top or screw on caps to nozzles and slant tips.
    We promise in sincere to manufacture high quality products, timely delivery, and excellent customer services.
    We can ensure Jiexinis your most reliable choice!

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